NORA Profile (English)

NORA_Photo2.jpgNORA Biography

Date of birth October 28
Blood type A
Birthplace Nakano-ku, Tokyo
High school Takashima High School, Tokyo
Final school career Nihon University art of college
Masterpiece Salsa Caliente Del Japon , Salsa no tiene frontera ,Salsa con sabor, etc...
Favorite language English, Spanish, of course Japanese.
Principle always lives in the heart of love.
The most impressive experience The concert at the Madison Square Garden ,Received the United Nations peace medal ,Nominated for the Grammy Awards.

NORA is a talented artist who began her career as the lead singer of the Japanese Salsa band “La Orquesta De La Luz”.
As a child NORA was always intrigued and enamored with performing. At the age of three she had hopes of becoming a professional dancer when she was taking ballet lessons. In her senior year in high school, she became inspired to sing professionally at a school festival where she was the lead vocalist in an amateur Rock band. NORA developed an interest in Black Contemporary music and idolized Stevie Wonder, but when she began college she became enthralled with Salsa music.
Her interest in Salsa led to the creation of the Japanese Salsa band “La Orquesta De La Luz” in 1984 accompanied by her friends. The group revealed their sounds to the United States when she brought a demo tape to New York in 1987 and they began touring in 1989.
In 1990 the orchestra released its first album “De La Luz” on BMG Victor Records in Japan. The success of the album also happened overseas when this album was released in the United States under the name “Salsa Caliente Del Japon”. The album became number one on Billboard's Latin chart for 12 consecutive weeks and the group became one of the most prominent Japanese orchestras to ever play Tropical music earning international critical acclaim in Japan and the United States.
In 1991 and 1993, they won the "Special Prize" Award by the 33rd Japan Record Awards.
For two consecutive years they won "The Best Album of the Year" Award by La Association de Cronistas de Espectaculos de Nueva York (ACE Awards) in 1991 and 1992. They also won "The Best Band of the Year "ACE Award in 1992.
In 1993, the United Nations awarded them the "Peace Medal" and in 1995 they were nominated for the Grammy Awards in the category of "Best Tropical Latin Album."
La Orquesta De La Luz also received "The Best New Artists" Award by the Japanese minister of Education in the category of Popular Entertainment.
The group recorded seven albums, worldwide and toured for each album in North America, South America, and in Europe. After touring and recording for 13 years, La Orquesta De La Luz has broke up in 1997 in order to do solo activity of each member.

In 1996, NORA released her first solo album“Electric Lady” on BMG/Japan in Japan and on Sony Records in the United States.
In 1997, She was invited as special guest by the "Master of Salsa" Larry Harlow and his All-Stars to lead the group at the Blue Note Tokyo.
Her first solo performance in Asia was held in Seoul, Korea in October 1998.
In 1999, Her vocal talents and devotion to Tropical music reaffirms her artistic ability in her second solo album “Tratame Como Soy” on RMM in the United States and “Cuban Colors” on Universal victor in Japan. This production offers a diverse range of Latin sounds from Salsa and Mambo to Boleros, which NORA produced and recorded in Havana, Cuba. This album reemphasizes her superb vocal range proving that she is one of Tropical music's leading singers. She expanded her artistic responsibilities in this production. And in September, She performed in New York Salsa Festival at the Madison Square Garden as a soloist.
In April 2001, NORA became mother of the boy who has Spanish name “Leon”. After the childbirth, She released her third album “CIELO” on Village Records only in Japan. This album is including a few Japanese Pop songs with Salsa style arrangement.

In the wake of September 11th in New York, NORA organized “World Peace Music Festival” with the members of Orquesta De La Luz at Tokyo in 2002, 2003, 2004.
After these charity concerts, Orquesta De La Luz was reunited and restarted earnestly.
In 2004, the orquesta released the album “iiiBANZAAAY!!!” and In 2005, they released “ARCO IRIS” from AVEX IO.
They did the concert tour in Japan and they toured Europe (Italy, France, Holland) in 2005 and toured Caribbean Islands ( French Guyana, Martinique, Guadalupe) in 2006.
In 2007, they released “LET'S SALSA!! The Best Salsa Dance Collection” from BMG JAPAN. They have appeared on many TV programs.
In 2008, they released “iCALIENTE!” from Bookridge Records and they did Japan tour.
In 2009, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ, they released their first collaboration album “SALSA COMEDOR” with Japanese Pop Artists and also released their original album “EL RON VIEJO”.
In 2010, they released their best album “VERY BEST OF ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ” and they toured major cities in Japan.
In 2011, 2012, they toured major cities and appeared in many festivals in Japan.

In August 2012, NORA was invited from Sergio George who is the top producer of Salsa as the guest singer of “Sergio George Salsa Friends” for “North Sea Jazz Festival in Curacao”. She charmed the audience standing on the same stage with the top Salsa singers as Marc Anthony and Oscar D’ Leon etc…).
In November 11th 2012, She was invited for the 50th anniversary concert of EL GRAN COMBO DE PUERTO RICO as a guest singer. The audience in San Juan Puerto Rico was so exited about her performance.

And now, NORA is known as “Latin Diva” in Japan. And She often performs with great Jazz artists. NORA has captivated fans worldwide for over twenty years when she is part of La Orquesta De La Luz and will continue to attract them as a soloist with her resilient vocal style to Tropical music.